San Francisco Parking Tickets
A Regressive Tax on Working Families

San Francisco Parking Tickets are Evil

Although San Francisco Parking Tickets are technically "law enforcement" - in reality it has little to do with enforcing the law and everything to do with picking the pockets of drivers. San Francisco has imposed what it probably an illeagal tax on drivers. The tax is a regressive tax in that poor working families are the hardest hit. The rich can easilly afford it and often have dedicated parking. Many of the people who are hardest hit are families with children where the parents need to have a family car in order to go to work and take their children to school and other activities.

San Francisco Parking Tickets are really an unfair tax on drivers. It is a regressive tax on working families who are often barely managing to stay above poverty.

What often happens to familes in San Francisco is tragic and pushes people down into poverty, desparation, and homelessness. Many families are driven out of town by the parking ticket tax. Parking Tickets can not be avoided and costs people a lot of money because there is simply no place to park and people don't have what is often hours to spend circling the block - polluting the air - looking for a place to park. If anyone should be fined it should be the city for not requiring that enough parking spaces be provided. But they take something that is their fault and use it as a way to victimize people who are just barely above the poverty line.

They circle the block like vultures looking for hard working citizens to prey on.

You may be legally parked hoping to be back in an hour - but you get held up and because it took an extra 5 minutes - San Francisco wants $50 from you. Street cleaning days produce millions of dollars for San Francisco as a small army of ticketing people proceed the street sweepers nabbing every car who didn't get out there in time to move it.

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Towing your Vehicle

San Francisco oppresses poor working families further by booting or towing your car if you accumulate unpaid tickets. many families who are barely able to pay the high rents and taxes just don't have the extra funds to keep up on the tickets. And when you are late - the unpaid tickets double - then tripple in cost. Then when they come steal your car off the street there are towing and storage charges that are so high that these poor people lose their cars. Their cars are sold and the money is used to line the pockets of the elite insiders who have been picking the pockets of San Francisco tax payers for years.

Fighting Back

Here's what I want to do. I started this site but I'm looking for other people to take it over and run with it. I'll continue to host it. The action is in the discussion board where I hope people can organize. I see several fronts to fight back.

First - there's protesting. We need some good ideas on how to do this and be effective. Then there's ways to make tickets less profitable - ways to make it expensive for them to enforce. but I think there's a good shot at a legal challenge. They are using what is supposed to be "law enforcement" to collect what is probably an illegal tax. Are there any lawyers out there who want to take this on?

Anyhow - I just whipped this site together so enjoy and if you want to contribute - let me know.


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